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The rules of dart game


Published by Creative-Sporting April 18,2023

In the below words, we will introduce how to play darts. It have many ways to play like "501". Darts in the bulls eye or center score 50 and in the bull ring round the center 25. Darts thrown in the narrow band at the outer ends of the wire divisions score double. Darts in the inner wire band score triple.


how to play darts 


As you know, the "501" is the most popular dart game. It is the same game as 701 or 301, have different starting point value. Every player start the game with 501 points and each point scored goes down from there with the finally target is zero points left. This game can be played with any number player or teams.


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With the game started, you can flipping a coin or throw a dart which closest to the bulls eye to decide who goes first. The first player have an advantage. When the first one finish the game, without the opponent having a chance to rebuttal. Continue to subtract the score when the player throws 3 darts in each turn. To end the game, the player must hit a double area. You can find the checkout table as below to help you quickly choose the target. Once you hit a double area that you remaining scores, you win this game. If you over this scores, you must start over on your next turn with the same points you had.


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