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How to set up the dartboard


Published by Creative-Sporting April 18,2023

When you buy a new dartboard, do you know how to set up the dartboard? If not, please follow us, this words will show you how to do it. 




First of all, you should install the dartboard fixing kit on the wall.  It have 2 screws and a mounting plate. You can see the diagram as below. And we also need a screw in the back of board.


How to set up the dartboard


Follow the diagram below to set up your dartboard in accordance with the accepted rules of the sport. It's recommended that you have a mat or carpet strip (approximately 3 feet wide and extending 2 feed beyond the throwing line) to protect your floor or carpet from wear or damage.


How to set up the dartboard


By the way, you can buy a dart mat with us. Please see the photos as below. This is the rubber dart mat. The size is 300 x 62 cm, have 4 lines. 


rubber dart mat


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