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How to practice the dart skills


Published by Creative-Sporting April 18,2023

As a rookie who love the darts, it is very importance things is have a good ways to practice. To keep record when your practice, to see the progress for reference. As the saying goes: a good memory as bad pen. We should also note down their own practice experience, the feeling of the movement, etc. What want to remind everybody additionally is to practice to want to notice quality, the accumulation that does not look the length of time and amount only. Now we suggest some ways to practice.


How to play darts


1. Throw the darts from 1 to 20

This is a good basic training method for beginners. The trainers should throw from 1 to 20 in order. In the first round. throw the area of 1, 2, 3. The second round throw the area of 4, 5, 6 and so on. If one darts not throw the correct target, should return the last area to re-throw. At the same time should also do a good job of training records, find their own weaknesses and constantly improve.


How to play darts


2. Throw the double area and triple area from 1 to 20

The trainers should aim the double or triple area  from 1 to 20. But it does a great job of improving your accuracy. According to personal ability, the basic level can be set as 25-100. When you reach above 100 points, you can say that you have become a master.


People playing darts


3. Throw 3 darts in 1 areas

From 1 to 20, throw 3 darts in 1 area then throw the next area. When you get better at it, you also can ask yourself to throw 3 darts in big area(between the double area and triple area) or small area(between the triple area and bulls eye) to increase the difficulty. 


People playing darts


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