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Darts History


Published by Creative-Sporting April 18,2023

There are many different stories about the original dart board. But the most undisputed fact is that history of darts in England. In the past 100 years, darts has been played in pubs and taverns all over the England. It is said that the game of darts had its origin during the reign of King Henry VIII of England. The archers with throwing arrows as fun. Soon after, the game was brought into an indoor place such as a bar. In order to play better indoors, they shorten the length of the arrows.

Darts History

Some bottom of an overturned wire or beer was used as the "target". About the "target", had an interesting story. The botton of a wire or beer barrel was called a "butt", which originated via archery from the French word "butte", meaning "target". Soon after, these barrels were in short supply. Some players decided to use a corss-cut of a log as the target. They used the the trees age ring as the throwing area. Later, when the board broke, it was divided into different areas which became into the dartboard of today.

Origin of darts


 In the beginning, this is just a entertainment. When more and more people love this sports, it became a skill game. Some players started to show their skills in bar. They make their own darts, to challange their friends. 

Dartboard history


The match did not just stay in England. It is reported that the the Pilgrims who left England in 1620 aboard the Mayflower, played darts for fun and entertainment on their voyage across the sea to America.


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