China B grade round wire dart board
China B grade round wire dartboard
China B grade round wire dartboard side
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China B grade round wire dart board

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Item No.:  DG53003



Diameters 451mm
Thickness 38mm
Materials China B grade sisal, steel, MDF board
Number ring Silver metal number ring
Bullseye Staple free bullseye
Wire Round wire
Unit weight 4kg
Accessories Wall mounting, Manual
Packing Color box packing
CTN size 46.5 x 19.5 x 46.5 cm
CTN weight 18 kg / 17 kg
20GP / 40GP Qty 2672 pcs / 4000 pcs




This full size 451 x 38mm Dart board set complies with World Dart Federation specifications. The dart board set can be used in match. It used the China B grade sisal, have the self-healing ability. The dart board set, use the completely staple free wire spider, to prevent the darts drops off. That means better scores every time. It have moveable number ring that can rotation the dart board set easily, to extend the playing life of the dart board set. The dart board set used durable inks that will provide a vibrant colorfast surface, meaning this dart board set will stay looking goods for longer.


Use the wall bracket for easy installation and dart board set rotation without ever having to remove the dart board set. The dart board set gives you more time to play and less time re-adjusting your dart board set. You can play it in office, home, bar and so on.

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