Huizhou Creative Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd.

——The biggest darts and dartboards manufacturer in China



Huizhou Creative Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd., is a professional darts manufacturers, founded in 1998, the factory building area over 10000 square meters, have more than ten production lines. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, we have become a top darts manufacturer in China and had higher profile in worldwide dart game market. We produce quality products sell well in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and South Australia and other market.



Our darts series products and the whole series contain the linen dartboard, paper dartboard, flocked dartboard, plastic dartboard, magnetic dartboard, dartboard cabinets, darts and darts accessories, have hundreds of varieties, can offer our customers one-stop service for darts products. We have rich experience with professional darts products, and constantly to innovation and improve our products and services, to meet customer needs. We hold the concept Innovation strives for the survival, To the quality of development.






                           Bristle Dartboard:         400,000 pcs / year

                           Paper Dartboard:         800,000 pcs / year

                           Dart sets:                  2,000,000 sets / year

                           Dartboard Cabinet:      200,000 sets /year

                           Darts mat:                     200,000 pcs /year

                           Surround:                      300,000 pcs /year

                           Dart accessories:      5,000,000 sets / year




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